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Do We Write our Destiny?-Hug and Nudge

Two Answers-One Question
(Vol II)

Sometimes a warm hug is the answer to our question 
and sometimes a gentle nudge is the answer.Tweet This

'Hug and Nudge' is a fortnightly column with two different perspectives from two different continents and cultures on the same question in personal development area viz. 

Jennifer Sertl (based in New York, USA) and 
Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India).

Question-Do we write our own destiny? What role do thoughts play in the law of attraction?
(A great question asked by Pranav Rastogi)

Jennifer Sertl's Answer

Wow! What an intense packed question. This could probably be a series in and of itself.

I am going to explain by a drawing I drew for my daughter when she was 10 years old. We were having a conversation about a decision that she made that was limiting and caused some pain. I felt that she was ready for a higher level dialogue about cause and effect. I asked her, “what other options were available to you?” and she looked at me blankly. I…

Creativity Makes us Great

Two Opinions on Uncovering Our Greatness
This is a monthly column on becoming a great human being and has two opinions on the subject from western and eastern part of the world namely Michael Thallium from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India.

Michael Thallium, Spain
I would say we all create since we are born. And I do believe it is impossible to live without creating: just the very act of living, of being, is creative. However, I am not going to focus on that kind of creativity we all have, but on that creativity which is acknowledged by others. Let me explain it! I consider myself quite a creative person, and as long as it helps me feel better, it is worth it. Nothing to say about it! But many times my creativity only serves me, not others. And if it doesn’t serve others, then it will rarely be acknowledged. Either you like it or not, we all live in a society and, unless you are an anchorite or a hermit, we all need others’ acknowledgement to some extent. So, this kind of creativity I …

Larry Easto-Interview with the Bestselling Author & Coach

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series
(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)
Dr Amit Nagpal:Tell us Larry, how and why did you become a small business coach.
Larry Easto: Good question. I trained as a lawyer and practiced law for many years, then did some consulting, wrote some books and just recently realized that everything I did in terms of helping clients was in fact coaching. So decided to start calling myself a coach.
Dr Amit: Why did you choose services marketing particularly? Larry: I think it chose me almost every time I did work for clients; the issue of new business arose so we discussed it. A few years ago, I was hired to write a marketing training program for entrepreneurs and this consolidated my marketing focus.
Dr Amit: Tell us about your books and which is the most popular one? Larry: I have had 7 hard copy books published; the most popular was 'How To Succeed In Your Home Business'. It s…

Deepest Passion-Amrapali Choudhury

How I Discovered my Deepest Passion

I believe you can change the world if you have the power to communicate effectively!
As citizens of the world we can build heaven on earth if only our hearts learn to communicate with each other rather than creating divides. Imagine what a beautiful world it can be if only people and countries knew how to spread the message of joy, peace and happiness (by making a honest attempt to understand each other's perspectives) instead of going to war with each other! 
We can change the world for the better! The legendary singer John Lennon in his memorable song “Imagine” conveyed the message of universal brotherhood, love and peace. My journey as a teacher began with this song and hopefully will end someday with it. This is exactly what I wish to communicate to my readers world over. This is my dream too and I live it every day of my life.......
To me this is perhaps the most beautiful thought one can communicate to the world!
Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s…

Hi from Planet Utopia

I have shifted to ‘Planet Utopia’ and to Earthlings, I am an Alien now
When I used to stay on ‘Planet Earth’, I felt a strong need for Personal Branding. So I have shifted to, ‘Planet Utopia’ recently. Here I do not feel the need for personal branding because people are divine and completely evolved. You can also say that they have reached complete enlightenment as they understand your value proposition and what you stand for without you telling them. 

Let me give you few examples:-
No Personal Growth Required- The decisions of Utopians are not impacted by their emotions or bias. (This is unlike human beings who cannot be completely unbiased). In fact, personal growth is a dead industry here, as everyone is already completely enlightened and divine.

Complete Authenticity-People have no fears. The law and order is 100 % perfect and you can afford to be completely authentic because everyone is, so understanding (Poor You! I know, being completely authentic on earth is fraught with dangers t…

Journaling for Personal Transformation

Two perspectives’ is a monthly column with two different perspectives from two different continents, genders and cultures on the same topic viz.

Janet Smith Warfield (based in Florida, USA) and 
Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India).

Two Perspectives on Journaling
Janet Smith Warfield's Perspective

Inner Peace
Increased Self-Esteem

What You Need:
Pen or pencil
Journal or pad of paper 
One hour of uninterrupted time
Quiet surroundings
An open mind

Personal Safety:
What you write is for your eyes alone.
Feel free to shred what you’ve written at any time.

Don’t be Surprised if:
You don’t know what to write about. (Just sit in your “not knowing” until thoughts show up.)
Unexpected emotions suddenly surface. (If these appear, just notice them, and when you are ready, return to your journaling. You may want to use them as a starting point for a new thread of writing.)

Allow Yourself to:
Misspell words
Use the wrong word
Use wrong grammar

Critical Thinking, Reading & Change-Hug and Nudge

Two Answers-One Question

Sometimes a warm hug is the answer to our question 
and sometimes a gentle nudge is the answer.Tweet This

'Hug and Nudge' is a fortnightly column with two different perspectives from two different continents and cultures on the same question viz. 
Jennifer Sertl (based in New York, USA) and 

Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India).

Question-How do we take what we learn from deep thinking and reading and apply it to change? (A great question posed by Adam Johnson (aka @Garbologie) from Perth, Western Australia
Jennifer Sertl's Answer
The audience I most frequently serve are individuals within a business environment who are working to create more impact from the inside out. So my comments are directed to you. I am an advocate of leaders being readers. As a design it is important that people keep three books in circulation at all times. One book should be a non-fiction book about leadership, business or globalization. One book …