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Media Laws and Ethics- An Introduction to Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism

"Media Laws & Ethics-An Introduction to Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism" is a compilation of chapters by renowned media academicians and journalists. Dr Vartika Nanda is Editor of the book (HOD-Journalism, LSR College for Women) & the Foreword has been written by renowned media expert K.G. Suresh, Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication / IIMC, New Delhi.

The Story Behind the Book

As Dr Vartika Nanda points out in ‘My Word’, the book has been compiled with special focus on the varied dimensions of media ethics and also the complex world of law pertaining to the issues of media. It is an attempt to clear the cobwebs and create a platform where one can open new windows for discussion. 

Collaboration and Co creation are the new norms of digital society. The book is a pioneering attempt in co-creation by bringing academicians and students together. As she points out in the end, “The purpose was to bring the academicians and the students together i…

Are You the Leader You Want to Be

8th March is celebrated globally as International Women's Day and I thought of celebrating the day by celebrating women leaders. 

"Are you the leader you want to be?" is a book by two women leaders who are inspiring hundreds of women by their own example and also earning accolades especially from the leaders in information and technology industries. 

Manbir Kaur is an Executive and Leadership Coach based in India and Kathy Mitchell is a Certified Professional Coach currently based in Malaysia. 

In this tête-à-tête with Dr Amit Nagpal, Manbir Kaur shares the purpose behind the book and why storytelling is woven in the whole book. 

Dr Amit Nagpal-How is leadership in technology sector different from the other sectors?

Manbir Kaur- I have experience working for technology companies and I can definitely say that we in technology get conditioned in a certain way over the years and our brains and styles are greatly influenced by this. Some of us who have been into technology for de…

Cultivating a Digital Mindset

Dr Uttara Pattanaik on Digital Mindset
Digital mindset it a set of behavioral and attitudinal patterns which are purpose and value driven, connect people and aim for excellence. The digital transformation calls for a culture that is based on equanimity, collaborative & co-operative approach, open mindedness, gratitude, trust and appreciation.
Defining values and role modelling the same in a consistent manner will build trust, ownership and allow people to walk the extra mile to make the transformation successful.

(Dr Uttara Pattanaik speaking on Digital Mindset at Digital Transformation in Context of New India -The Summit held at NDIM, New Delhi)

In a digital transformation initiative, while technology is the key enabler, the actual critical success factor is culture. It is all about people’s mindset and behaviour.  This must be led from top, enabled by HR and constantly reinforced by leadership behavior.  Continuous communication at all levels is crucial.  It is important for people …

Top 10 Blog Posts of All Time- Enlarge Excel Evolve

Ten Years of Digital: 2007- 2017
I began my digital journey in 2007 and recently completed ten years in the virtual world. I had started blogging in 2009 and decided to collate Top 10 posts on my blog since the begining of the journey. Here are the All Time Top 10 posts on my blog. Happy Reading.

1 PM Narendra Modi is my inspiration 
The blog tops the charts with 5,000+ views. In a previous post, I had talked about how PM Modi’s inspirational storytelling approach had inspired me to create 7E model of Storytelling. (7Es of storytelling include Empathy, Emotional connect, Edutainment, Evocation, Eloquence, Energy and Engagement) Read More

2 Personal Branding as an Empowerment Tool
Life is unfair”, we all would have uttered these words at some point of time in our lives. In spite of being equally competent, many of us lose out at the workplace because we are/ were :-

- not educated at a premier b-school or
- educated in a small town or
- gentle/ unassertive nature or
- introvert or
- are phy…

Have you Arrived and Other Stories on Wisdom

Mini Stories on Wisdom

Have you arrived?"
"How will I come to know that I have arrived and achieved success?", he asked the coach.

" When you develop the courage to laugh at yourself. When your confidence begins to exceed your inferiority complexes, you have arrived in the true sense", the coach answered.

"Just Few Friends"

"The saying goes, 'Even if you have a thousand friends, you have not a friend to spare.
Even if you have a single enemy you will meet him everywhere'
Don't you think you have very few friends?", he asked her.

"True. I am different with a story of my own. I can only connect with people if I trust them enough to tell my story. And they care enough to listen to it. And I believe you need few friends and many acquaintances", she had a surprising clarity about what she wanted in life.


"Heart Walls"

"She is such an unemotional person.Why do you make yo…

Digital is Magical and I am Loving It

Ten Years of Digital: 2007- 2017
I began my digital journey in 2007 and recently completed ten years in the virtual world. Here are some of the landmark moments of the journey:-

- Started my digital journey with research on New Media (how TV news channels were using social and digital media) as part of my PhD.
- Started active micro-blogging on Orkut and later Facebook

2009 Joined LinkedIn
- Launched blog “Enlarge Excel Evolve
- Joined Twitter (@DrAmitInspires)
- Awarded PhD (New Media)

- Blog listed on Alltop Business within six months of launch (2nd most popular blog in business category)
- Stories published on reputed media (, Hindustan Times) about my pioneering journey
- Started speaking on Personal Branding and Storytelling at prestigious platforms starting with DMA (and later spoke at PRSI, STC, Headstart Foundation and so on)
- Started corporate training on "Storytelling on social media" with corporate communications team of Accenture.

- My book “The 7 …

Biryani with Blogger : Dr Uttara Pattanaik, Executive Coach

"Biryani with Blogger" is a series on blogger interviews where Chief Blogger, Enlarge Excel Evolve Dr Amit Nagpal chats with prominent bloggers of the world over a plate of Biryani. 

The first interview in the series is with Dr Uttara Pattanaik, Executive Coach / Leadership Coach. 

Dr Amit - You have a different take on Strategy and Leadership.  Can you please explain that?
Dr Uttara- Strategy and Leadership are most over used words in most organization.  It is hyped, over-rated and positioned as hierarchical.   I look at it differently.  According to me, strategy & leadership is central to professional and personal growth.  Each one of us, irrespective of where we are and what we do, need to be strategic in our approach and discover our leadership style to maximize our full potential and discharge our responsibilities to the best of our abilities.
Each individual needs to discover their leadership potential in order to be effective.  Actually leadership is an attitude and…